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Published Date: September 1, 2015

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9.1 x 6.2 x 1.5 inches
English, French


The first seven of Steven Brusts Vlad Taltos novels have long been in print from Ace Books in a set of three trade paperback omnibuses. Now Tor, publisher of the series from book eight on, continues the series of omnibuses by putting Dragon and Issola into print in that format.

In Dragon, Vlad finds himself in the last place any self respecting assassin wants to be the army. Worse, he in the middle of an apocalyptic battle between two sorcerous armies, and everyone expects him to perform a role that they would not explain. Vlad may kill people for a living, but this is ridiculous. All he has got to rely on are his wits and a smart mouthed winged lizard.

In Issola, Vlads aristocratic friends Morrolan and Aliera have disappeared, and according to the eldritch (but affable) Sethra Lavode, they may be in the hands of the Jenoine the mysterious beings who made the world of the Dragaera Empire and its surroundings, and who may have come from somewhere else. Oh, well, what is life without the occasional cosmic battle with beings who control time and space.

Author Information

Steven Brust, a graduate of the University of Nebraska Lincoln, received his Ph.D. in Journalism from Ohio Universitys E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and his Masters in Journalism at the University of North Texas. He reported for nationalgeographic.com on Dr. Robert Ballards Titanic expedition. Sweeneys numerous books include The Ultimate Survival Book, Peace The Biography of a Symbol, God Grew Tired of Us, and Mind: The Complete Brain.

A member of the exclusive club of world famous magicians, David Copperfield is known for staging whopper illusions, including making the Statue of Liberty disappear before a live audience and millions of TV viewers. In addition to performing worldwide, he has had a hit on Broadway (Dreams and Nightmares), founded an organization to help rehabilitate disabled people (Project Magic), and published books (Beyond Imagination and David Copperfields Tales of the Impossible).


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