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Published Date: September 1, 2015

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9.1 x 6.2 x 1.5 inches
English, French


Wait what. You are not thrilled with the photos you are getting from your digital camera. The answer is not a new camera it is learning to use the one you have got. After all, it is not the camera that takes great photos it is the person behind it.

With Your Camera Loves You Learn to Love it Back, photographer and instructor Khara Plicanic teaches the basics of photography and digital camera functions that you can apply to any camera, anywhere, any time answering questions like What do all those different modes mean and when do I use them? What is a megapixel and why should I care? Follow along with Kharas simple explanations of shutter speed, aperture, and shooting modes to get comfortable handling your camera, learn to shoot images that tell a story, and understand the thought process involved in making a great photograph. Along the way you will learn techniques for improving those yellow dingy photos of your kids indoor sporting events, fixing exposure on shots that are too dark or too bright, avoiding the dangers of over cropping, and much more. By the time you are finished, you will know how to best use the features of whatever camera you already have whether it is a high performance DSLR or a basic point and shoot camera.

Author Information

Khara Plicanics unique teaching style, endless passion, and sense of humor have endeared her to an exponentially growing audience. She can often be found teaching workshops, traveling the globe, and proudly photographing the love stories of her much adored wedding clients. A Midwestern gal, Khara is proud to call Lincoln, Nebraska, home. Learn more about her at her Blog.


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